Transkei Cubensis


Transkei Cubensis is a magic mushroom strain that originates in South Africa being the first magic mushroom that came from the continent.

Suitable even for starters, Transkei has been one of the prominent magic mushroom strains nowadays because of its great effects that users love.

As one of the leading dispensaries in Canada, we offer the best quality of the Transkei magic mushroom. Carefully grown by our experts, our Transkei variety is more than the crowd’s favorite but also preferred by many shroom connoisseurs. Indeed one of the best strains in the shroom industry, Transkei deserves to be one of your top choices.

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First discovered in 2002, Transkei has been picked as a good choice by many magic mushroom lovers. Some people also referred to Transkei as SATs, which stands for South African Transkei Cubensis. Its effects are suitable for those novice users and even for those with a lower tolerance of magic mushroom. From its physical look to its effects and overall quality, Transkei stands out among shroom strains in the magic mushroom industry.

What are the effects of Transkei?

Get ready for the coming of energies; Transkei will surely not fail you when it comes to its effects. This strain gives off to a skin-tingling sensation with light-twinkling twists in your environment. You’ll experience giggling moments after using this strain as it opens up your inner and physical sensation, letting you experience geometric shapes. It’s quite hallucinogenic, yet you do not have to worry as this magic mushroom strain will take care of your great and memorable experience.

How does Transkei look like?

Its sizes vary from medium to large, yet all of them have a sturdy stem. Its caps also have a variation of colors ranging from light orange up to brown, and then it will return to pale and up to white. It is easy to recognize, though, as its veil leaves a remnant staying in its caps. More than a potent choice, Transkei is also a beauty that many home-growers love to cultivate.

Is it safe to use Transkei?

Yes, it is, in fact, Transkei offers one of the most genuine effects of magic mushroom. Though beginners must also consider the right dosage, there were no recorded claims yet against this magic mushroom variety. Users were only advised to consume in the right amount according to experience and level of capacity. The right place for consumption should also be considered as familiar scenes might become unfamiliar after hours of consumption. However, these are all manageable and so easy to deal with.


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