Penis Envy


In the world of magic mushrooms, there were strains born to be special yet rare, and one of these is Penis Envy. This strain is known in the shroom industry as one of the hard-hitting magic mushrooms.

Many seek Penis Envy because of its potency as well as its overall good quality. Many home-growers also choose Penis Envy over other strains because it gives high yields despite its slow growth. Penis Envy has been one of the favorites among magic mushroom connoisseurs.

Here at Spore Galore Canada, we provide the best strain of Penis Envy just for you. We always ensure that the best quality of this strain is always at hand. 

We sell dried Penis Envy shroom which you can order in 1 gram, 3 grams, 7 grams or more. You can enjoy free shipping if you spend over $200 shopping total.

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Penis Envy receives its name because of its physical features. Its thick body and bulbous head make it real envy of a penis. It is a hard-hitting strain not suitable for beginners bringing effects you would not expect. Penis Envy is a magic mushroom strain that will transform your world in just a few hits. While some people love to rate from strain to strain, Penis Envy got five stars when it comes to its potency and effects. A powerful variety of magic mushrooms, Penis Envy, is truly one of the best in the magic mushroom world.

Why Buy Penis Envy in Spore Galore Canada?

Penis Envy might be available and easy to find; however, Spore Galore Canada has so far offered one of the best quality Penis Envy with quality. Our Penis Envy has grown in the caring hands of our experts, growing it with care for increased potency and high quality.

Where does Penis Envy Originate?

It was believed that Penis Envy was originally engineered by the known ethnobotanist Terence McKenna. He was a famous author, mycologist, speaker, and magic mushroom enthusiast. He wrote many books about magic mushrooms that also became widespread. However, when a certain writer tracks down the history of Penis Envy, it was discovered that McKenna was not the one grown Penis Envy.

Is Penis Envy is a potent magic mushroom strain?

Yes, it is! Penis Envy is not recommended to those with a lower tolerance of psychedelic effects and for first-time users. Many dubbed this strain as one of the strongest, which requires precautionary measures when in use. This magic mushroom gives way to an intense visual enhancement. The dosage depends upon the tolerance level of the user. 


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