Golden Teacher


In the world of magic mushrooms, options are everywhere, giving dilemmas to the consumers as to which to choose. Spore Galore Canada has been producing high quality and potent magic mushrooms meeting the psychedelic needs of the Canadians. We offer you the Golden Teacher or also known as Golden Emperor, a shroom of adventures which you would surely love.

Known for being one of the most psychedelic mushroom strains, Golden Emperor is an excellent choice among users. Here at Spore Galore Canada, you can find the best offers of Golden Emperor with the quality you won’t regret as Golden Emperor is your best choice, so as Spore Galore Canada.

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This magic mushroom strain has been loved by many shroom lovers and cultivators for many years already. Golden Emperor is easy to grow and promises a high yield among cultivators making it a rewarding strain even for beginners. Psilocin and Psilocybin were the two main active ingredients and elements of the Golden Emperor. One of the most famous magic mushrooms, Golden Emperor, has been distributed widely, making its way to prominence in the magic mushroom industry.

What is the origin of the Golden Emperor?

This mushroom strain came from the family of Psilocybe cubensis; however, its specific origin remains unknown. The first appeared in the 1980s. Many claimed that the Golden Emperor came from Florida. Wherever it originates, Golden Emperor is one of those magic mushroom strains that stands out.

How does Golden Emperor look like?

This mushroom strain has been claimed as a distinguishable shroom. Being big and a beautiful shroom, its name slightly defines its physical features. Golden Emperor comes in golden caps with yellow specks. Its stems and caps come in large sizes, making it elegant physically. Reaching up to 8 cm in diameter, the slight curve of this strain makes it even more beautiful.

Golden Emperor Effects and Dosage

Being a potent shroom strain, the dosage for Golden Emperor depends on person to person. Usually, it is between 1 to 1.25 grams of dried magic mushroom to keep you elevated. Its effect is highly psychedelic, which first-time users should be mindful of. The essence of enlightenment and a strong connection to nature are the effects of the Golden Emperor. An excellent choice for tripping or shamanistic activities, Golden Empire is a magic mushroom highly able to heal both the spirit and the body.


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