B+ magic mushroom has been one of the favorites by many magic mushroom lovers from around the world. Both first-time trippers and expert users choose B+ magic mushroom because of its efficiency and great quality.

This magic mushroom strain is the most known among the psychedelic mushroom cultivating its name with prominence in the magic mushroom industry.

Our B+ magic mushroom is one of the best in the town. We always ensure quality checks of our product for you to experience a one-of-a-kind tripping experience. 

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A part of the Psilocybe cubensis family, B+ magic mushroom, offers a psychedelic effect when taken in the body. Psilocin and psilocybin are the two main elements of this strain that gives off to their psychedelic traits. Aside from its flexibility when growing, many magic mushrooms love how it portrays its effects inside your body. Its potency comes in moderation in which even starters or with those having low tolerance can manage its effects.

Where does B+ Magic Mushroom originate?

The history as to why B+ magic mushroom was created remains a mystery for many. However, some claimed that its cultivator originated from Florida and is called as Mr. G. Who would have thought that the small beginning of this cultivator will lead to extraordinary fame of this strain leading much cultivation process. Since the 1990s, B+ has been patronized by avid lovers of magic mushroom, and until today, it maintains its post as the queen in the shroom industry.

What are the effects of B+ Magic Mushroom?

Using a B+ magic mushroom will enable you to experience a warm tone in every consumption. Its effect comes in a fulfilling way since it uplifts your spirit and may expand even your consciousness. B+ is one of the best-selling online, and this is because this magic mushroom boosts confidence and provides strength for anyone needing it for any purpose. It is a strain that loves to enhance your perspective of the environment, so it is highly suited for outdoor uses. Its psychedelic effects help you achieve happiness upon consumption.

Can I use B+ Magic Mushroom for Medication?

Presently, there has no specific ailment recorded, which can be cured with B+ magic mushroom. Professional practitioners did not recommend magic mushroom yet as a formal medication. However, cases reported that users who have certain mental conditions have gone better after using B+ magic mushroom.


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