Being one of the most well-known strains in the magic mushroom arena, you might already hear Amazonian many times.

This strain of magic mushroom surprises home-growers for its faster speed of growth. Amazonia remains one of the most prominent magic mushrooms up to today, thanks to its great quality and potency users always loved.

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A psilocybe cubensis variety, Amazonian was originally produced by Pacific Spora though many believed that it originates from the jungles of Amazon. With its great quality, many dispensaries are now giving the best deals of this strain offering benefits to its users. As of today, Amazonian has been widely distributed and also, many home-growers start to cultivate because it is easy to grow, giving fast rewards to its growers.

How does Amazonian look like?

Having chestnut brown and round caps, Amazonian is easy to recognize. It has a beautiful physical feature that comes on average up to large sizes.

What are the effects of Amazonian?

The two main elements present in Amazonian are psilocin and psilocybin. It is a suitable strain for parties and get-aways since Amazonian gives you an intense visual experience. Its genuine psychedelic effects suit beginners giving you a magic essence of socialization and uplifted mode.

The Right Dosage of Amazonian

Experts recommended 1 to 2.5 grams of dried Amazonian mushroom for a typical dose of this shroom strain. While this is suitable even for beginners, expert users can increase their dose depending on their tolerance.  

Is it safe to use Amazonian Shroom?

Being a prominent strain, many people love this magic mushroom so much that it receives a lot of recommendations from the public. Amazonian offers authentic effects yet even for people with low tolerance. This shroom is still an excellent choice. Amazonian has been chosen by many magic mushroom connoisseurs, and no claims yet have been recorded against Amazonian strain. With Amazonian, you can enjoy a boosted day without worries.


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