Frequently Asked Questions


1.   How do I place an order? 
  • We offer two ways on how you can place an order. It is either online or offline.


  1. Check our website and look for the products you want to order.
  2. With your chosen product, choose its predefined price as well as its volume and quantity then add to cart.
  3. Navigate to your cart page and double-check your chosen item. Adding or removing of items can be done if needed before checking out.
  4. On the check-out page, use the spaces provided for your shipping and contact information and do not forget to choose your preferred mode of payment.
  5. Upon placing your order you will see the payment instruction on the next screen, read and follow the instructions carefully.
  6. Once you’ll see the confirmation of your payment, your item will be processed and will be shipped.


Note: This method is only available for cash payment only through mail transactions. This process might be longer but this is the most efficient option for those who don’t have Interac as well as those who prefer information discreet and offline. 

  1. Make a copy of our Offline Order Form either through print or simply using paper and pen.
  2. Provide the necessary information on your form like the item, its amount, as well as your shipment details. You may also include promo codes if there is any.
  3. Send your payment in cash (it should be in exact amount and checks are not accepted) together with the order form and properly cover it with a thin foil. You can use a registered mail in sending your payment. It is an efficient option enabling you to record the delivery and to make sure that it will arrive. Normal mail is also applicable.
  4. The necessary information regarding where to send the payment must be placed in the order form.
  5. Once we receive the mail, your orders will be processed and shipped right away. 
  • As long as you are 19 years old and above you can use this site. 
  • Presently the payment methods available are Cash through the mail, Bitcoin, and Interac e-transfer.
  • Yes it is. Spore Galore Canada has been processing orders for many years already. All of these were shipped successfully with safe packaging through vacuum sealing ensuring security as well as preserving the quality of the item inside. There is no need to worry because the CanadaPost Corporation Act says that authorities or cops should not open or intrude mail delivery as long as it is not considered as a threat to National security. Your package is in safe hands in fact, there has been a clear record with our customer regarding their orders and the shipment process. Spore Galore Canada has no record of at least one case of encountering problems with the law upon using the website in buying these products.
  • Creating an account is not necessary. You may place your order online without time distinction or frames. There is no need to worry because Spore Galore Canada will only use your information for processing. We assure that all your details are safe and kept private.
  • It usually takes a few hours for us to receive and process the transaction and payment through e-Transfer. If there are differences regarding your payment info and your submitted order details, please communicate with us or give us an email to check and confirm the order number paid by the EMT.
  • The vision of Spore Galore Canada is to provide not just the best product but also an excellent buying experience for all our customers. From the start of our operation up to these days, we successfully established a good name in this field. In fact, when we started as an invite-only platform and private transactions, we received repeating buyers. Since then, we chose to let the Canadian people buy from us.
  • CanadaPost through XpressPost shipping has been the partner of Spore Galore Canada in its deliveries.
  • For purchases or orders from $200 and above, the shipping cost is free. For $199 and below, we will require a flat rate shipping amounting of $20.
  • We freight from Vancouver, B.C.
  • Presently, we are not offering international shipping.
  • As of this moment, we do not offer direct pick-up orders.
  • Yes we do. For the same-day shipping, we cut off at 3:30 pm Pacific standard time from Mondays to Fridays. All the purchases/orders paid in full before the given cut off time will be processed right away and will be shipped within the day. Orders that past the cut off time will be included for the following shipping schedule. Be reminded that we don’t process transactions during weekends and holidays.
  • For local and regional orders, it should arrive in the next business days according to the usual process of CanadaPost and two business days for national transactions. Please note that this is as per projected by CanadaPost and is applicable for orders within urban areas. Delivery time might be affected by the place of origin, the destination of the order, weather, and other related factors.
  • Before processing the orders, we always double-check the details and make sure that order information matches with the shipping details. For customers to easily monitor the delivery, we provide a tracking ID. Once the item is handed to CanadaPost we do not have control of the package. So far, we do not have a record yet of a missing item, only delays because of wrong shipment details or mismatch postal codes.
  • This is optional! You may include a signature and $1 and gets full responsibility for the package. Both the name as well as the signature of the person who will pick up the item will be put in the delivery certificate.  For untoward incidents like loss or stolen of the package, we will give 100% reshipping.
  • Though we do not recommend we also do not strictly require you to use your real info. If you choose to use an alias, you must put a name that looks like a real one like” Bryan Green”. Avoid using names like “B.Q.” because this might raise suspicion. The best choice is to order items in small sizes enough to fit the regular mailbox. If the item exceeds the regular mailbox size, it will require you to get the item in their outlet. Without identification, you will not be able to pick up the item.
  • If the ordered item will not fit the size of a regular mailbox, it will be dispatched to the postal outlet which will require your real name and identification. We recommend keeping your order as small as possible enough to fit the regular mailbox or include your real name instead. Signature is not necessary.

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